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Lentil hulling & splitting plant

hulled & split lentil are popular and highly demanded in Ethiopia,Turkey and India etc. To process lentil in a high efficient way becomes more and more important in today’s world. King Shine machinery offers turn-key project solution for our clients with mature technology and durable equipment which can get split lentil by cleaning, hulling, splitting, polishing, sorting and packing. We are able to provide lentil hulling and splitting lines capacity ranging from 1 ton to 20ton per hour.

Features of production line

1. Advanced and Mature Technology
More than 20 years experience on research of corn/maize milling process and machinery manufacturing. hundreds of milling line are running properly both domestic and
2.Quality machinery
Production Line adopts durable corn/maize processing equipment which are manufactured by highly sophisticated machinery including CNC machining center, CNC laser
cutting machine etc. bearings and motors adopt Chinese or international Top Brand to minimize maintenance requirement.
3.High final products yield rate
Split lentil yield rate is higher than 85%.
4.High hulling rate:
The peeling rate of this production line is as high as 98%.
5.Dust-free plants
King shine processing lines and equipment has been engineered to reduce dusts emissions and ensure food safety, plant safety and hygienic operation.
6. Automation system
King shine processing lines can be fully integrated into automation system - easier monitoring and controlling of quality, capacity and traceability - reducing manpower and energy costs
Technical parameter 

Production line
Overall dimension
Total power
Energy cost  
per material

Operator quantity



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