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Beans & Sesame Cleaning

foreign materials and other contaminants introduced during the harvest, transport and storage of the grain must be removed. The removal of such impurities guarantees the quality of the end products, by reducing ash content, specks, and factors influencing odor and flavor. King Shine grain-cleaning machines separate defects from grains with maximal precision on the basis of variable physical properties: size, magnetic response, equilibrium velocity, density, length, shape, firmness and color.
King Shine‘s expert knowledge in the pulses processing industry reflect in the solutions and services that we offer; complete solutions from pre-cleaning, storage, cleaning, grading, optical sorting, grinding to hulling, splitting, bagging and other additional support services such as engineering, project management of plants and pulses by-product processing.
Each process stage is customized to suit a customer's plant and commodity; saving costs, lowering wastages, delivering higher yields - increasing all-round profits.

Features of production line

One-stop-solution for your complete processing needs. Our pulse processing solutions are suitable for a range of pulse varieties and variants; splits, whole, natural or hulled pulses .
2.Higher yield and productivity
King Shine innovative products are engineered to reduce pulse damage and broken grains for maximum product quality and profit.
3.Process know-how and engineering support
Energy-efficient process lines reduce operation costs. King Shine technologists and engineers deliver expert advise on optimizing processing lines to reduce operational and plant costs.
4.Dust-free plants
King shine processing lines and equipment has been engineered to reduce dusts emissions and ensure food safety, plant safety and hygienic operation.
5.Automation system
King shine processing lines can be fully integrated into automation system - easier monitoring and controlling of quality, capacity and traceability - reducing manpower and energy costs.
Technical parameter

Production line
Overall dimension
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