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May 9, 2017

Maize milling machine, a new kind of high efficient machine for milling maize, can meet the need of individual household, joint households, as well as cereal growing farmers. People use maize milling machine to replace traditional method.

Maize milling machine for sale has the features of simple structure, easy operation, high production efficiency and low production cost. Thus, Maize milling machine can use electric motor, diesel engine, or farm transporter engine as an engine. In order to the greatest degree of extracting nourishment, people often choose maize milling machine to obtain maize germ.

Maize milling machine reduces the labor intensity greatly and raises the labor efficiency. In addition, maize milling machine provides an effective method to avoid maize being rotten.

Maize milling machine is comprised of a rack, a multifunctional feeding device, two pairs of stripping rollers, a differential pressure transmitter and a drive system. These two pairs of stripping rollers are driven through two gears. It can avoid being inter-related between each roller, and then improves the work stability of stripping roller. A control baffle is arranged at the bottom of the feeding device, which can not only ensure the orderly feeding of ears of popcorn to avoid blockage occurred, but also increase the debarking clean rate of husk leaves. Also, the differential pressure transmitter is of great important to improve the quality of milling maize and increases the productivity of milling device. It presses maize ears into the surface of stripping roller, thus it increase friction to stripping roller and easy to extract maize husks. When maize husks are in contact with stripping roller, maize is raised up during milling.

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