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May 12, 2017

Seed cleaning machine as one of the main processing machinery of seed has great influence on improve the economic value of seed. Therefore, choose better quality of seed cleaning machine will be more in line with economic benefit.

In the grain processing industry application of seed cleaning machine maintenance shall be carried out in accordance with the specific order, the appropriate maintenance can make its working efficiency higher, processing quality will become better.

What should do about seed cleaning machine maintenance?

Spare parts should be maintenance, so as to ensure the normal operation. While, you should put emphasis on maintain mechanical transmission parts of seed cleaning machine, which can guarantee the normal daily operation. The power of the seed cleaning machine is also a part of regular maintenance.

Seed cleaning machine maintenance must be in accordance with the above procedure, such ability can guarantee the normal use.

Seed cleaning machine is one of King Shine Machinery’ famous grain processing machinery, along with seed hulling machine. If you have any questions on maintenance of seed cleaning machine, please contact us.

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