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How to Preserve Seed in Hot Weather

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Seed cleaning machine production and performance continues to improve, with increasing levels of technology. There are a large number of seed inventory every year, and how to preserve seed and ensuring the quality of seed. Here the tips to preserve in hot weather.

First, pest control. There is  is a multiple of pests in hot weather, we must regularly check the warehouse when preserve maize, and prevent the breeding of pests affecting storage quality of seed.

Second, precipitation and drying method. There are a lot of moisture in seed, when preserve seed you must drop the moisture content of seed. Reduce the moisture content of corn can effectively extend the preservation time of seed.

Third, check the seeds. Regularly check the seeds in hot weather. The hot weather is the main cause of moldy seeds, so we must be sure to do well protection work.

Fourth, preserve seed to be sealed warehouse in good condition, keeping the floor dry.

These are the skills of preservation seed. Reasonable preservation seed can effectively guarantee the production quality of a seed cleaning machine, which also can improve the economic efficiency of seed cleaning machine manufacturer.

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