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FQFD purifier is a key machine to achieve high extraction of low ash (bright colour) flour in the flour mill process. Endosperm contaminated with bran released in the break process can be purified, graded then distributed to the correct destination passage for further processing. In essence, the purification process represents the heart of the flour mill process that receives, processes material then distributes the correct stock and purity to other parts of the flour mill system. FQFD ensure sufficient flexibility to control and improve the final flour quality.


The machine is made of three mains parts; the machine frame with hood connected to the aspiration filter, two (2) sides' chambers that house the three (3) sieve deck layers and connected to the two (2) bottom sieves trays with movable flaps (16).


One machine consists of two sides, whereby each side can deal with a different or same stock. The material enters into the machine via a feed inlet, a counter balance gate spreads the material across the entire sieve width, a series of sieve within three (3) decks vibrate, air aspiration causes the material to stratify into coarse, medium, fine semolina, light branny particles are lifted while branny material with adhering endosperm over tails. Material at the head of the machine will be pure and fine, while towards the tail the material becomes less pure and is more contaminated with bran material. The adjustable flaps located under the sieve sieve allow the material to be sent to the correct destination.



①Twin vibro motor drives mounted on the front end of each side contribute to a stratifying separation result by means of shaking, aspiration and sieving.

②Brushes for sieve cleaning are installed underneath each sieve frame to keep the sieve clean by a carrying out a back and forth movement.

③Special rubber bearings are installed on all supporting and swinging points, this achieves a certain degree of controlled movement while at the same time achieves a smooth vibration movement, low noise operation.

④The air volume aspiration can be adjusted individually within thirty two (32) air chambers, while a master exhaust value located within the hood across the entire chamber can also be adjusted.

⑤ the sieve boxes and sieve trays both make a synchronous vibration to create the necessary stock stratification.

⑥Within the fed inlet, a counter balance mechanism responds to an increase or decrease in the stock flow to ensure the material is consistently spread across the entire sieve width.

⑦Flaps (16) are located within the shaker trays and the overtail box for maximum flexibility and stock destination control.

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